Tis the Season

Each year at Christmas time, I go through my annual scrum between the festivities of the season and the longing for something deeper, more meaningful at Christmas.  I know I am not the only one that feels this annual tension of the holidays, yet sometimes it feels that way.  Some of these tensions for me include:

  • The hustle & bustle of mall shopping versus times of peaceful solitude
  • Buying presents for everyone on my list versus a longing for more simplicity in my life
  • Going to holiday parties versus a deeper engagement in the season of Advent
  • Big, slick Christmas productions versus an alternative to the over-marketed season

So, once again, I find myself anticipating all that the holiday season brings, yet wanting a retreat from all the activity. I recently pulled out a prayer book that walks through the Advent season to try to answer some of that longing for balance and perspective, and to counter some of the frenzy of the holidays.

So what about you? Are there any tensions you feel during the Christmas season? What are they?

Or is it just me? Tis the season…


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