What I’m Reading: Seasons

I read a book a couple months ago titled Grateful by Ryan Sprague.  Sprague was a member of the 1999 National Championship football team at Florida State University and the book recounts his journey from walk-on to starting tight end his Senior season.  I enjoyed reliving many great memories of that season and Sprague’s insights into being a part of that team.

SeasonsNow Sprague has written a second book, Seasons.  Seasons remains in the world of college football, but takes an entirely different perspective on the subject – this time imparting wisdom to the athlete who is about to embark on college life.  But this wisdom is communicated in a unique way.  Seasons is the story of a recent high school grad named Justin Foxe.  J (which is how everyone knows him in his town) has received a football scholarship to the state university.  But before the summer ends and two-a-days begin, his grandfather has planned a day for a number of different people to come spend some time with him, talking about how to prepare himself for life as a student athlete.  The advice ranges from dealing with adversity given by a local college coach to faith dispersed from a professor to leadership from a CEO.  Other topics include dealing with the media, decision-making, and integrity, among others.  The book’s storyline makes for an enjoyable and engaging read.

While written specifically for student athletes , the book contains welcome advice for any high school grad advancing to their next phase of life.  In fact, being well past my own college days, there is much in the book that served as great reminders for jobs, relationships, and life goals.  Seasons has application well-beyond the narrow target audience.

For more information on the book and how to order, visit Seasons web site.

3 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Seasons

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