David Gwartney grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. He met his wife, Tiffany, in Orlando, Florida and spent the next thirteen years living in Chicago, Illinois. While in Chicago, he earned his Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and then planted a church in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of the city where he pastored for seven years. He currently resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida.Goreme National Park

There are a couple of things that he is really passionate about.

The first is theology.  It is one of those lifetime pursuits for which he will never figure out all the answers, but the journey is fun.

He also loves traveling to places where ancient history can be touched and experienced up close along side different cultures, both ancient and modern.  His travels have taken him to such places as Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, and Turkey.

Finally, he spends journalinghis free time reading and writing about the first two.  If he can’t be there, he wants to read about it and interact with it.  It is a wonderful thing when theology and ancient history intersect.

He currently has three books available.  His newest book, A Journey Through Ephesus is available at most online retailers.   Connected to the Vine is a brief study of the Fruit of the Spirit.  His first book,  Ten Essential Words, takes a look at the context and relevancy of the Ten Commandments.

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